We help companies going through an identity crisis find the clarity and perspective needed to stop drowning and move forward.

Samantha Goggans Branding Chattanooga, TN

How do I know if I’m in the midst of an identity crisis?

Do you feel overburdened, overwhelmed, and lost in the weeds of your business?

You are not alone! I have been exactly where you are. In fact, you want to know a secret? I see this all the time in small businesses. It is quite normal to feel lost and stuck with seemingly no end in sight. You start out with a passion for what you want to do, the business you want to create, and the people you want to serve, and then, somehow, you slowly get pulled into the weeds and lose sight of why you started and where you are heading. So, what else is there to do? You just keep working hard – eventually something will come of it. Right? Errrhht! Wrong. Stop it right there.

You, my friend, are in the middle of an identity crisis – maybe one that has gone sour! You’re stuck in the quick sand of the business world, and if something isn’t done quickly, you could burn out and your business could die.

Most business owners close their doors before they make it to five years of business, and I would argue this is why! If you have an identity issue, your business becomes aimless, you start experiencing leadership burnout including yourself, unhealthy turnover percentages, and broken sales patterns.

The good news is: I’m here to help! Let’s find clarity, perspective, and breathe new life into you and your business together.